Frequently Asked Questions

How do you move the player?

Single tap to teleport to any point on the screen. Touch and drag the player to move him around.

How do you launch a bomb?

Double tap any point on the screen and your bomb will move from the player to the point on the screen that you double tapped.

Why did my bomb explode before it reached its destination?

All Bombs explode when they hit Alien's. The default impact bomb explodes when it makes contact with any object.

Can you be killed by your own bombs?

No, you can't be killed by your own bombs, in fact you can move your bombs around the screen by pushing them with your player.

What is that red circle around my bomb?

That is the bombs blast radius. All Alien's in the blast radius will be killed.

Will I ever run out of bombs?

No. You will never run out of bombs. You have an unlimited supply of default impact bombs.

Are the gold coins in the game real Bitcoins?

No. Unfortunately, they are just virtual coins used in the game.

What are the skull bombs?

The skull bombs will kill you. They are evil Alien technology and can't be destroyed by your bombs. Avoid making contact with them.

What the hell is that red fireball?

The red fire ball is a nasty thing, if too many Reptilians are around it will come after you.

What is the statistics screen?

At the end of the mission or if you die, you will see a statistics screen which displays import information about how your mission went.

Can I change the theme music?

Yes. Go to the settings screen, you can change the theme music and adjust the background music volume.

Does the game work in Landscape mode?

Yes. The game will work in landscape and portrait modes because thats the way we roll.

How do you pause the game?

Press the home button to pause the game. When you open the game, simply touch the screen to continue playing.

Are Reptilians real?

Yes, they are really evil and trying to destroy mankind. Kill them all!

Is there is lot of hidden illuminati symbolism in the game?

Yes. That's all we can say about it.